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    Qlik Sense db connection staying open after failed reload

    andy whitfield

      Anybody ideas on this raised by one of our Clients?

      I think we’ve identified a potential bug in QlikSense regarding task timeouts. It seems if a task times out, QMC successfully marks it as aborted but it keeps the underlying SQL connection open leading to issues for us separately on the SQL server.

      This particular tasks is triggered to run every 5 minutes with a task session timeout of 1 minute.It's running on sense version 2,2,4.


      It's connecting to na SQL Server 2012 SP3 instance using an OLE DB connection


      Qlik Support have suggested:


      The reason for you having this problem is that QlikView is not able to process results returned by the database server quick enough, as a consequence of this the QlikView process hangs and the database connection will not be closed.

      Please try a few things and let me know what happens:

      - Increase the task session timeout.

      - Review the design of the script so that you can move all these joins I see in the log to the database server back end instead of doing these in the QlikView load script.

      - Add DISCONENECT at the end of the script

      - Enable ole db trace and compare when the task goes well and when it doesn't

      - Try ODBC

      Ideas anyone?