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    Each user gets only his information?

    Vasiliy Beshentsev

      Hello, everyone!

      Prompt how to configure the application and the right of access to the QMC, to users in the report have only seen their data and their subordinates?

      I understand that it is necessary to establish a connection between the client qlik and some of its ID data. But how do i do this?

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Vasiliy, data access is configured using section access, take a look at this blog post to know more about section access, it has a lot of links:Section Access


          And about Sense security: Qlik Sense Security integration - Security Rules and Section Access

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              Ruben Marin

              To get to your ID question, there is an example in the Introduction to Section Access document, using REGION as id:

              Example 6:

              Section Access;

              LOAD * INLINE [


              ADMIN, ADMIN, ADMIN,

              USER, USER1, U1, AFRICA USER,

              USER2, U2, AMERICA

              USER, USER3, U3, ASIA

              USER, USER4, U4, EUROPE

              USER, USER5, U4, AMERICA

              USER, USER5, U5, *



              Section Application;


              LOAD * INLINE [

              REGION, PROFIT

              AFRICA, 1000

              AMERICA, 2000

              ASIA, 3000

              EUROPE, 4000

              OCEANIA, 5000



              In this example a reduction field has been added called REGION.

              The purpose is to limit the USERS to their sales region profits.

              USER1 will only be able to see the profits for AFRICA, USER2 the profits for AMERICA and USER3 will only see the profits for the ASIA region.

              USER4 will be able to see the profits for EUROPE and AMERICA.

              USER5 will be able to see all regions listed in the reduction field REGION except for OCEANIA.

              Even if USER5 has “*“ for the REGION reduction field, star means “all listed values” not all values for the field. Since no USER has OCEANIA listed for the REGION field, USER5 will not have access to the values for OCEANIA.

              If we want USER5 to see OCEANIA as well, we need to add an extra line in our section access solution USER, USER5, U5, OCEANIA

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              Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

              Can you tell by what field you want to restrict users to data?

              Use Upper function for table you're loading and want to restrict. You can give NTNAME authorization to check for users. To run on QMC you'll need a service Account or it might fail the task, so we add Service account in inline as a part of section access.

              The below script is a working one, I've used on my application. I'm not sure if it will same for you?

              It will be helpful if you can provide the script which you'd like to add to section access and the field name you'd like to restrict users.




              STAR is *;
              SECTION Access;

              UPPER("NTNAME") as NTNAME,
              UPPER("FieldYouWanttoRestict") as FIELDYOUWANTTORESTICT;

              LOAD * INLINE [
              Service Account Name, Service Account NTNAME, SERVICEACNT, ADMIN, ADMIN
              SECTION Application;