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    Changes in JavaScript .js file not shown in Qlik Sense

    Daniel Oberbillig

      Hi guys,


      I got a super-noob question: I have no idea about JavaScript and neither the implications for Qlik Sense once an extension is loaded and whether or not (and how) it is then cached in Qlik.

      So, I opened a .js file of a perfectly fine working extension and all I did was changing the color hex code from green to red for a particular element. This change is not reflected on the screen when testing with Qlik Sense on my computer (still green element). But if I copy the extension to someone else computer (who never had the extension in the first place), then the change is shown (red element).

      So I guess that Qlik Sense kind of caches the initial settings and that's why I am still seeing the previous color?

      I tried the following:

      - closing + reopening qlik sense

      - removed the whole extension folder + shut down + copied it back

      - tried the above in a new Sense app...

      I ran out of ideas what else I could do...and I guess its something simple that every web-dev would know instantly

      Thanks for your help.