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    Qlik Sense Widgets::How to create vertical chart bar?

    Swayam Nayak

      <div style="height:100%;overflow:auto">

          <div ng-repeat="row in data.rows" class="row" title="{{row.dimensions[0].qText}}">

                <div class="bar" style="width:{{row.measures[0].getPercentOfMax()}}%">



                <div class="per">

                    <span class="{{row.measures[0].getPercentOfMax()>95 ? 'over':'' }}">{{column.measures[0].qText}}</span>






      The above html code is for creating a Vertical Bar-Chart Widgets where we are taking row and per class to achieve it but i want to create Horizontal Bar-Chart Widgets and i don't know the respective classes and elements to use in Qlik Sense.

      In Qlik Sense Widgets Available components i am unable to find/parse Vertical, Horizontal, Grouped and Stacked options under Appearance and Presentation options.


      Please help me out on this.