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    Connecting up two different tables to a third table using the same key

    James Hanify

      Hi all,


      The structure of our data is something like


      Account can have a salesperson

      Invoice can have a salesperson


      Salesperson has an id which is linked via account and invoice, and that id has a name next to it, what I would rather not do is do an apply map as there is additional data as part of this table and I believe applymap only just vlookups the id against a descriptor.


      Otherwise it creates then syns, how would you recommend I bypass this problem? As syns I presume are not a great thing to have? As they seem to be junction tables to turn a many to many into a 1 to many relationship. Otherwise I am just creating a brand new table with the same data but a different name to get this working and it feels inefficient.


      Many thanks,