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    nPrinting for large volume of reports

    Matt Weyenberg

      I have a question for the group to see If anyone is currently using nPrinting to generate a very large volume of reports.  We are currently working on a project to convert some of our Crystal Reports to another reporting product.  We already have nPrinting and are hoping to use it.  However, it is a very large volume of reports (between 2500 and 3000).  Most of them are pixel perfect and some of them are quite long (more than 100 pages).  The runtime for these reports to complete in is less than eight hours, so it's a pretty tight timeline.  What I would like to know is if there is anyone out there who is currently using nPrinting 16 or 17 to generate this high of a volume of reports.  Thank you in advance for any responses.



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          Zhihong He

          Hi, Matt,


          First, some limitations for nprinting 17 and 16. 17 for qliksense has a limitation of 1,000,000 cells. And for 16 and qlikview, when using  xlsx or xlsm, there is no restriction, except the restriction of excel.

          So you can decide which to use. But as I see you mentioned 100+ pages for your current report, if your pages report is a pdf report from excel report from nprinitng, you may reach the limitation of excel.

          And for this case, we suggest to use filter and create separated reports for such a big one.



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            Gerald Schooten

            Hi Matt,


            I would suggest you take a look at the help of NPrinting 17 What is Qlik NPrinting? ‒ Qlik NPrinting. Near the bottom of the page is an overview which functions are currently in NP16 and NP17. If the current functions of NP 17 are satisfactory, you could start thinking of using NP 17. The most important feature in your case is the scalability of NPrinting, as you can see in the next link: Architecture ‒ Qlik NPrinting at point "Multi Engine". You can add multiple Engines to the configuration in order to meet the required 8 hour completion.


            I would suggest to contact your Qlik Partner for a NPrinting Test license to test if NP 17 meets your requirements.


            Kind regards, Gerald