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    How do I exclude or supress null data from an expression?


      Hi all,

      I hope you can help.

      I am trying to calculate Service Downtime from recorded incidents against set SLAs. Where an incident has no downtime we have no data recorded which when we come to reporting on it gives us null results

      This is my original expression.




      However, it presented null results and these confused other calculations based from the product of this expression.

      I have tried this but I still get the Null results showing up.

      =if(not isnull(ServiceDowntime),((((varMaxDateNum-varMinDateNum)+1)-ServiceDowntime)/((varMaxDateNum-varMinDateNum)+1)),'1')

      What I want to achieve is the Null result to either not appear or return a value of 100% in the chart.

      error loading image

      Thanks, in advance, for your time.