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    task triggers api

    Aadil M

      Hi All,


      I am running Qlik Sense 3.1.2


      I am able to get the task results using the below call.





      But this does not list the triggers that are added in the task.


      Can someone tell me how i can get the task trigger details using the QRS API.




        • Re: task triggers api
          Praveena Mundolimoole

          aadil.zyme Use endpoint with task id in the filter as mentioned below.


          Endpoint : /qrs/event/full?filter={filter}&orderby={orderby}&privileges={appendprivileges}"

          Filter : reloadTask.id eq d472d719-8be8-4dcb-a44e-ee73811647fb


          Replace "d472d719-8be8-4dcb-a44e-ee73811647fb" in the above filter with your reload task id.