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    Why can't I load QlikView documents in my new PC

    Ignasi Villaseca

      I just got a new computer and I'm trying to move everything from my old computer, including the QlikView documents.


      Unfortunately, many of them won't load. As I try to open them, I get this error. Although it is a very simple one, it can be translated like "Error loading the document":




      At this point I'm kind of desperate because I've tried pretty much everything. The QlikView version is exactly the same on both computers (12.0 SR5), and on the old one the documents load just fine. Also, both computers run under Windows 7 64 bit.


      What could possibly be wrong? In case it helps, I'm experiencing a very similar problem with Qlik Sense, but I'm opening a different thread for that. In that case, Qlik Sense doesn't throw any error messages but it keeps loading forever. Again, same versions of everything.


      Thank you very much and best regards.