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    Pivot Table Sub Total

      I have done this already in excel but I am in the process of trying to replicate this process in QV. I think I would use the aggregation command but I am not certain on this. The bottom two lines are NOT included in the data but they need to be included in the pivot(calculated dimension maybe?)

      It goes like this .. sum(trust income ....other fee income) = total other income

      Sum(total NII, Total other income ) = Total Revenue

      I have this data linked in access using the following field names


      Business Unit

      Any ideas appreciated!


      Total NII$40,437.$43,998.$37,057.$39,381.
      Trust Income$10,144.$21,554.$6,893.$14,893.
      Service Charges$5,284.$5,723.$4,560.$4,766.
      Total Mtg Banking$19.$20.$11.$11.
      Brokerage Fees$22.$48.$33.$71.
      Loan Fees$6,275.$6,646.$4,437.$4,771.
      Merchant & Credit Card$2,164.$2,363.$1,895.$1,954.
      Other Fee Income$4,231.$8,163.$3,948.$6,391.
      Total Other Income$28,138.$44,517.$21,778.$32,857.
      Total Revenue$68,575.$88,515.$58,835.$72,238.