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    Web Service compressed xml

    Beyhur KAYA


      I am connecting to arvento web service using reset connetor.

      But the arvento web service is giving me a compressed xml byte array.

      How to open this compressed byte array as data


      Best regards

        • Re: Web Service compressed xml
          Darren Ball


          I can't comment on the REST connector specifically, because my specialty is with the Qlik Web Connectors, but to confirm the equivalent connector there, which is the Qlik General Web Connector, is unable to unzip the file.


          However, you could save the zipped file to your drive, then through your Qlik script use a tool such as 7Zip to unzip and then read it in.


          A quick search on the community brings up a number of methods to unzip a file through Qlik scripting.


          I hope this helps.