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    How to remove certain table year = 2016 data ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      If i select year 2015 2014 , and

      If i using File - > Reduce data - > Keep possible value.

      it will delete year 2016 data and keep only 2015 and 2014 data.

      This will delete all table year 2016 daya. which is not what i want.



      I want to only delete certain table it is possible ?




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          Sunny Talwar

          Not sure your question is very clear Paul. Can you try to explain it further?

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              Yeo Poh sai

              Hi Sunny


              My issue is when I prepare my slide for annual sales meeting during Feb 13.


              If I prepare the slide now it will not capture 2016 full year sales.


              If I prepare during mid of Jan 2017 , it will appear 2017 Jan sales .


              As I only want the sales only display up to 31 Dec 2016.


              So only way for me is to make use of data reduce . This will remove all 2017 sales when I do it on 13 Feb.


              But the issue is it will also remove my sales target figure for 2017.


              As sales target for 2017 figure I need it for present.


              So only way I can do is I want to learn how to remove year 2017 data by TABLE or by field name using script.


              For example look for sales table and remove those data year > 2016  :-


              Sales :

              Load *

              Resident where year > '2016'


              and for sales target I try to create another table name as TARGET


              wish you merry x'mas and happy new year.


              Paul Yeo


              TDS Technology (S) P/L

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                  Jayant Tibhe

                  Hi Paul,

                  I can see many Year fields in your QVW so not sure which table and which year fields you dont need for Year =2016.

                  There are 2 simple ways to achieve it  - with Where clause to omit Year 2016 OR can use Match function to achieve the same  : Suppose you have following table  :   (Also, find attached QVW file.)



                  LOAD * INLINE [

                      Test, Year

                      1, 2013

                      2, 2014

                      3, 2015

                      4, 2016

                      5, 2017




                  Load *

                  Resident Table1


                  Not Match(Year,'2016')

                  // OR You can also use following statement in where clause - Either use

                  //Year > 2016 OR Year <2016


                  Drop Table Table1;





                  Jayant Tibhe