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    Enabling users to add comments to points on graphs


      I would like to know how I can use QlikView to let users add comments to specific points of interest on a graph. For example, if there is a point of interest (e.g. a particularly low/high point) in a graph, I'd like one user to be able to be able to write an annotation/comment which attaches itself to that point, and then for others to be able to read it.

      1) Is this possible?

      2) How?!


        • Enabling users to add comments to points on graphs

          Hi Hugh

          It isn't natively supported sorry.

          One way of working around this is to allow server collaboration objects. A user can then create a text object with transparent background where he adds his notes and then position this on top of the graph.

          Not a very pretty solution but the only way I see this can be achieved. I would recommend instead to put the practice in place that if a point of interest is found, the selection is bookmarked and the user send the bookmark together with an explanation in the email about what he found.