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    How to not associate of fields with the same Name.


      Hi Guys, I started with QV just couple days ago, So I am sorry if my question is somehow not qualified, my problem is following:

      I would like to load Number of excel tables into one QV document. And need to have some of the fields with the same name not associated. The QV is automatically associating the tables through the fields with the same name, is there a way to restrict this?

      As example, I have 40 tables with sales data including the field "Product", but in each country I have different products, The CV is associating the Field Product because of the same name, but I want them to be separate for the purposes of filter by product for the each country. Is there a way, how to for example index them, or other solution? I will be very happy for any suggestion.

      Thank you very much for any Idea.