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    export to excel issue

    Gourav Sikka

      Dear Team,


      I am making a straight table in qlik sense.i used  1 dimension which have 700000 row and caluclate 52 measure. in qliksense. but is it showing error like The hypercube results are too large.what's the meaning of this error. And Why not exporting.

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          Gourav Sikka

          and kindly tell me limit of row or column that we can export from Only  qlik sense  to excel not qlikview.

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            Laurent Paume



            first of all this is huge !


            I don't know the purpose of your client or your need but you simply don't use the full capacity of Qlik Sense for your need.


            The best way to analyze your table is a better and ergonomic app in order to find key indicators and get a quick view of your KPI's in order to make decisions.


            Anyway, as I said every needs are different. In your case there is a maximum amount of rows and columns handled by Sense :


            Default limitations in number of rows and columns

            The default maximum number of rows and columns in the Excel export file is:

            • 1048566 rows per sheet. For pivot tables: 1048566 column dimensions. 10 rows can be added after the export.
            • 16384 columns per sheet. If the number of columns exceeds the limit, the exported file is truncated and a warning message is sent.


            You will find more info here :






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                Gourav Sikka

                But in my table only 7 lakh rows And 145 Column.There is showing error when export to excel

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                    Laurent Paume

                    Yes but I saw somewhere on the forum Qlik sense is limited to a max number of 1 000 000 cells in your export (old thread).


                    The best way to achieve what you are doing is using Sense correctly.


                    I mean there is no point in doing that from the interface as your only goal is to export your data.


                    1) make all your measures calculation based on your only dimension directly in the script

                    2) Store the table in a CSV ou XLSX file.

                    3) Create a task to automate the process (if you wish to have refreshed data).

                    4) If you have to share your data put store your file on a network share


                    This should solve your problems.




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                      Zhihong He

                      hi, Gourav,


                      As Laurent mentioned, there does has  a limitation of the cells in qliksense.

                      See discussion here.

                      On the other hand, why do you want to export such a big excel, I think no one will read such a big table at once, except you will use it as the data source for other tool.

                      If you do want to export the whole table,  You can using nprinting and filter to export it.



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                    Shraddha Gajare

                    apply a filter and then export