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    Sort chart on Day Hour

    Martha Parsons

      I have a chart. First dimension is =Weekday(Date)&' '&num(hour,'00')&':00'  second dimension is =Date(WeekStart(Date, 0, -1), 'DD-MMM-YY') . Then of course the expression. I like the chart overall, but I have sort issues. The data starts for the Sunday prior, but the sort on the axes is not starting on Sunday, but on Friday. I have tried changing to expression and sorting on date, but that is not working. Here is what I created:




      Below is the chart I was told to create from. The 1 is Sunday, the 2 is Monday, the three is Tuesday and so on. I am sure they will be fine how I have it (to me having the actual day instead of a number is better), but they will want the sort to start on Sunday and not Friday. How do I fix that?  Thank you for your help.


      goal chart.JPG