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    Date conversion problem

      I am trying to find a solution for the following problem:

      I receive a production planning date in a format "MONTHNAME YYYY" - that tells me that a certain material has to be produced let's say in "JULY 2011". Is there a way to generate a date out of this format?

      I was able to add a column via Access that the splits this information into two separate fields "07" and "2011", but I found no way to show this information in two listboxes as "July" and "2011". Needless to say that the month name should be in the correct order.

      I also would like to make then a selection of the months that belong to our business year (April-March) and one to the calendar year (January-December).

      BTW: I'm using a german version of QlikView.

      I really appreciate all hints I can get.

      Many thanks!