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    How to switch the dimensions in QlikView?


      I want to create a stacked bar for prices of a group of product.

      Dimension: product name

      Expression: avg(price)


      Now I get a graph with product name along the X axis, with bar = avg(price).


      Price (product1), Price(product2), Price (product3)

      However, I want to put price as an dimension, and treat each product name as a series of the stacked bar.


      Price(product 1)

      Price (product2)

      Price (product3)



      Thanks in advance!



        • How to switch the dimensions in QlikView?
          Karl Pover

          This isn't tested, but a bar chart will only stack once you have 2 dimensions and one expression so add a calculated dimension like ='dim' which is a fixed string with the second dimension product and the same expression. Then go to the presentation tab and hopefully the stacked option will be enabled.