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    Why QlikView? Why not other tools?


      Can some one please list me out some of the major difference between QlikView and other tools. Expecting some good replies where I can answerable to those who asks me why we should go for QlikView? Why not other tools.

      Hope will get some valuable points and which will be helpful for everyone.

        • Why QlikView? Why not other tools?

          In Qlikview Business Intelligence development cost lesser compared to Cognos, BO,SAP BW.


          • Why QlikView? Why not other tools?
            Srinivasa Devadiga

            User frindely.

            • Why QlikView? Why not other tools?
              Tresesco B

              i am recently is given to get my hands dirty with Cognos Planning. this feature is not there in Qlikview. from that perspective, you can't compare QV and Cognos as a whole. Cognos has some features (apart from reporting and analysis) which are not in QV. Otherwise, when i started working in cognos, i felt like: how ridicuolus approach it takes to solve some simple issues (as compared to QV)! even i am not really enjoying Cognos. yes the CUBES (D-List, D-Cubes) are so pathetic for me. i am dying to give a see off to cognos. may be the things have their places in cognos(i have a big doubt), but working in QV is much easier and yes, (as mentioned earlier by friends) - with QV we can meet almost every requirement of the customer, whereas in cognos there is a big list of 'Not Possible'.


              Regards, tresesco

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                  Sebastian Pereira

                  Tresesco, which functions in cognos are not available on qlikview?


                  If you are talking about free reports in pdf, yes, in QV you must use licenses or Publsher reporter, but is available!!


                  In addition of all QV colleages, don't forget about the data proccessing capabilities in QV. You can make a huge datawarehouse with a very fast proccessing time. Using incremental load or proccess, saving temp files with compressing rate of 10:1, create alternal historical data....


                  Also, the interface tools (Set Analysis, Alternate States, Section access that filter objects, sheets, expressions or data, Collaborate work, Mobile clients......)

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                  whiteline _

                  I think that are both strengths and weaknesses:

                  Relational data in document & 'virtual cubes' for each chart successfully complement each other.

                  Close integration of ETL and Visual layer.

                  Could be developed, adopted & supported by one (not unique) person.

                  Despite that scalability and extensibility, ability to handle enterprise level solutions.

                  Almost the only one BI tool that could be used easily at home (standalone and free).

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                    Hirish V



                    Qlikview maintains all the data associations, where as Traditional BI solutions don’t maintain data associations.


                    Qlikview User driven :

                    • Follows the user
                    • All data, always visible
                    • Minutes to change
                    • Insight driven

                    Other BI tools are IT driven :

                    • Linear, pre-defined thinking
                    • Insights missed in hidden data
                    • Months to change
                    • Data-centric