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    Blank column in pivot table!


      How to create the blank column(marked in red) as shown in the pivot table. Please help me out!

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        • Blank column in pivot table!
          Anders Schaeder


          Make a blank variable and put it in the expression with no label.


          • Blank column in pivot table!

            The simplest way I find (both with Pivot & Straight Tables) is to add the expression ='' and give it a label of ='' - simple. Also use the background colour format to set darket if required.

            The other thing this is useful for is returning data for all dimensional values; say we have 100 stock items but sales have only been recorded against 80. Using a table with Stock as dimension and =sum(sales) as the expresion we would only return the 80 items that had sales. By adding ='' as a second expression we return values for all dimension values - ie showing those stock items that haven't had any sales as well which often is just as important as what has been sold.

            Hope that helps.

            Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd