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    Totals in the pivot table in Qlik Sense

    Anastasya Shtraksal

      Hello experts,


      I'm struggling to get the right total amounts in the Pivot table in Qlik Sense.

      Here's a simplified example of the problem:

      I have a pivot table with a Cohort, Age and relevant amount for every age:


      All amounts and totals are displayed as you expected.

      The problem begins when I create a pivot table with Cumulative sum of amounts as expression:


      The highlighted Totals are incorrect..

      I understand that Aggr function should be used to achieve the correct result, but couldn't figure out how exactly to use it.

      I tried following the instruction here https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.0/Subsystems/Client/Content/ChartFunctions/NestedAggregations/sum-of-rows-pivot-tables.htm

      without any luck.

      Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

      Many thanks,