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    Can't load some value fields from a SQL Select table

    Fernando Damas Wenzel

      Hi everyone,


      I have one problem that is driving me nuts. Since I have very limited knowledge in SQL, maybe you guys could help me out here.


      I have an ODBC connection with a oracle system, and it is working just fine with every select i am making.

      But, when trying to load this table, it gives me a error connector reply: *** message.


      Above some images of what is happening.


      1. I open de connection and see the table i'm about to load:



      2. When I try to load everything, no good:



      3. Curiosly, when I load only the "text" values, the load executes well.



      4. But when I try to load VALORH and VALORD, it doesn't load at all.



      I have already tried to do a SQL SELECT *, but, again, resulted in the same error



      Anyone could help me?


      Thanks a lot!