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    Line Chart

      I want to have a line chart for some Amount with respect to Calendar year based on one dimension I'm able to do so but as a output chart it is showing me only 1 year dots instead of a complete line for different years; no filters applied to list box to any of the sheets.

      Y >> Amount

      X >> Calendar years

      Third >> other dimension

      Thanks..please let me know if i need to post some more info.


        • Line Chart
          Raghavendra Suryakumar

          hi Achal,

          Can you post ur sample qvw file so that I can have a check.



          • Line Chart
            Shubhasheesh Chakraverty

            You have to add second dimension

            ex if you want to show location wise yearly collection then

            use year as first dimension, location as second dimension

            and write expression as sum(amount)

            this way you will get year on x-axis sum(amount) on y-axis (left side) and location as legends at right side.

            if you change the order of dimension then

            you get location on x-axis and year as legend at right side.