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    How to create a moving average line chart in QlikSense

    Wenjun Wu



      I am beginner to QlikSense.

      I met this problem recently.


      Raw dataset: 10 locations, 5 KPI indicators per location. (same set of 7 indicators)

      I computed average for 5 KPI per location. Now there is one average per location.

      Then, I did a total to display in the table Total Average for all 10 locations.

      All the above computed data are not store in a new table, they are computed using measure with formula and displayed directly,


      Now, my requirement is to plot a line chart of the total average over a period of time (can be 1 month, 1 year, 2 year etc...) for  "selected/filtered location & selected/filtered KPI"

      e.g. yearly moving average trending:

      1. Year 2013 Sept to Year 2014 Aug -> Total Average :
      2. Year 2013 Oct to Year 2014 Sept -> Total Average :
      3. Year 2013 Nov to Year 2014 Oct -> Total Average :
      4. Year 2013 Dec to Year 2014 Nov -> Total Average :

      Use these 4 Total averages to plot as 4 dots on the Line chart.


      I saw QlikView can do moving arrange using Rangave()

      Can it work for QlikSense, and in my case, the Total Average is based on a computed averages (must I store them in one new column first?)