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    Qlik Sense Desktop - Cannot Include using Relative filepath unless in Legacy Mode

    Nathaniel Anderson

      Both of these statements (which , by my understanding, use "relative paths") will cause a failure:





      The error message is vague, there is no specific "error" I can see other than this mentioned in the Data Load Editor output:

      "Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again."


      (Even though there are two test.qvs at those locations...

      Which are relative to the Qlik sense working directory, and its parent directory, which -- as this suggests -- are here for me:





      Actually, these statements (which, by my understanding, use "absolute paths")  DO work:




      Until I  make this change in my Settings.ini :


      After making that change -- ie. turning OFF Standard mode; turning ON legacy mode...

      Then no errors with the relative paths or otherwise.

      Maybe I must look in the "script log files"?