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    Help with getting the best rank for the year


      I have got two sets of data one containing Year & Activity & the other containing Contribution of student of various Schools in various methods.



      Year Activity

      2006 ABC

      2007 ABC



      School Student ContributionMethod Contribution YearA

      A Jack Cash 100 2006

      A Jack Kind 105 2006

      A Jack Cash 110 2007

      A Jack Card 150 2007

      Similar data for other schools & other student as well

      The two Year Variables can not be linked and have to be kept seperate .What I want as a solution is a table where when Activity ABC of Year1 is selected the highest contribution of Jack for the year is displayed

      For example:

      In Row 1 where the year is 2006 - Jack's highest contribution ie 105 is shown & in Row 2 where the year is 2007 - Jack's highest contribution oe 150 is shown


      Please help ......