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    How To Manage Reload Fails?

    Andrius Sarkunelis

      Hey guys,


      So I have one issue and I would appreciate your take on it:


      I have one Qlikview documets which reloads every work day on 6AM (Reload is innitiated with Qlikview Management Console) . Few times per month some problems occur with a server (connection lost) and it fails to reload. Reload takes about 60 mins. and it is necessary to have it done every day before 10AM.


      It would be perfect if it would be possible to somehow reload it in this scheme:

      • Qlikview Document reloads on 6AM
      • If Qlikview Document fails to reload it reloads again on 7AM, if it fails - 8AM and so on till 9AM.


      How is it possible to do it? Any help would be much appreciated.