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    Column Total

    Mark Ritter

      I have 9 Columns in a regular table. 


      I have to hide the values in each row if the the expression is <11.  For example:


      If (Count({<DestName={'LTACH'}>}DISCHARGE_DESTINATION) < 11,'**',Count({<DestName={'LTACH'}>}DISCHARGE_DESTINATION))


      This works fine.


      The problem I am having is that the totals row for these columns is doing the same thing.  If the Total for the entire column is <11 then it displays **.


      I want the Total for this column to actually display the real total for the column and not the **


      Is there a way to tell it to do something different for the totals row?  Or is there another way to generate the totals row so that it is not using the same expression as above?


      This is QS 3.1.1