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    Wrong Delta Sequence

    Andre Braga



      The issue I have been facing lately has to do with the sequence I am getting in the deltas when contacting the SAP BW Datasource. I have seen it from the BW side and the delta mechanism is working correctly therefore the problem must be somehow with Qlikview.

      The case I'm going to portray below is the example of an order that has been closed therefore it is not supposed to appear in the Qlikview system, i.e., ZFLAGOPEN='N', but it is still appearing when it shouldn't.

      Below is an image from the qvd file that holds the delta's data right after the extraction.

      The way I have this logic working is to keep the max Line and replace the it where the DeltaKey is the same. The problem is the extraction is coming with the wrong order, therefore the max Line is 20815, when in fact it should be the 18507. This results in replacing with the wrong values instead. Is there any history of this happening with someone?


      Thank you.


      Qlikview Info:

      - Qlikview version: 11.20.12852.0 SR11 64-bit Edition (x64)

      - Qlikview Connector for SAP version: 5.80.2211

      - SAP Extractor Connector: QvSAPEXTRConnector.dll (64)

      Windows Info:

      - OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise - Service Pack 1  - x64 bits