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    Load .Txt file and get the name of Dimensions and Values

      Hi Community:


      I'm facing a loading problem, the thing is that I´m trying to load data from different .Txt files that contain informationf of stores, the problem is that this information is dinamicaly and the columns are not going to be the same everyday:


      Example of Txt file:

      C~4100~Country Code~ca~CLIMATE~cold~CORE VOLUME~5~PETITE VOLUME~5~LOU & GREY VOLUME~5~Refined~x~

      C~4102~Country Code~ca~CLIMATE~cold~CORE VOLUME~5~PETITE VOLUME~5~LOU & GREY VOLUME~3~Refined~~

      C~4104~Country Code~ca~CLIMATE~cold~CORE VOLUME~1~PETITE VOLUME~1~LOU & GREY VOLUME~1~Refined~~

      C~4103~Country Code~ca~CLIMATE~cold~CORE VOLUME~3~PETITE VOLUME~5~LOU & GREY VOLUME~5~Refined~~


      Its important to mention that this order is not going to be the same, maybe tomorrow the txt file is not going to have Cimate~cold for example.


      As you can see in the exapmple the delimiter is '~' but @1 is the C and then @2 is  the code of the store then @3 is Country Code and @4 is the cod of Ca  that belongs to Country Code.


      The rule would be thw non pairs columns are the "name of the dimension" and the pair columns are the values of the "Dimensions"


      Does anyone know how can I achive this dinamic load?



      I'm ataching one txt file as an example.



      Thanks and Regards