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    Is there any way to access the various APIs without having a visualization extension on the sheet?

    David Deutsch

      There are sometimes cases where I would like to use the APIs outside of my visualization extension. For example, I currently have JavaScript code that sets the value of a variable myVar to the value of a certain field myField when a given selection mySel changes. The user can change myVar on their own, so I cannot simply define myVar as '=myField'. This code currently resides in one of my visualization extensions, but it really doesn't belong there; it should be a property of the app, not a particular UI component that happens to be on the sheet. Can I set up code to watch for the selection changes in the Data Load Editor or something? Or, is there some way to have a particular snippet of code (that can access the APIs) run on app/sheet load?


      Conversely, is there any way to run "Qlik Sense language" code (for lack of a better term) from a visualization extension? For example, instead of using the APIs, it would be convenient to just set a variable by running "Set someVar = 6" or whatever.