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    Conditional: numeric values problems!



      On one hand,

      I'm trying to use a simple IF sentence but I've some problems because I want to compare the value result of an operation with a decimal number:

      if (
      (Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_ok)/(Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_ok)+Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_not_ok)))>"1.01",

      if (
      (Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_ok)/(Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_ok)+Sum (service_availability_hourly.seconds_not_ok)))<"0.99",


      How could I compare the exprsion with numbers?


      On the other hand,

      I've calculated the expressions before in a different column of the same table. Should I recalculate the values again in the IF condition or could I take advantadge of the previous calculation. How could I do it?


      Thank you!