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    Qlik Certification

      Just found this question and it may help to other member...

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          Sarah Miller

          Hi Pierre,


          Thank you for sharing this additional resource.  We recommend visiting the QlikView certification website to view more information about certification preparation.  Specifically the free practice exams we offer that you can register for by visiting http://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/qlikview-certification

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              Jayant Tibhe

              Hello Qlikers,


              Today I have taken  Qlikview 11 Developer Exam (and Passed with good score   )

              I have doubts : http://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/qlikview-certification this link states that  " Passing the QlikView Developer Certification Exam grants you BOTH the QlikView Developer and QlikView Designer



              However, the result’s page I received states that “ Thank you for taking the Qlikview 11 Developer Certification Exam)

              with overall Score and Result : Pass.


              Nothing has been mentioned about the Qlik designer certification.  Why  ?



              My Exam experience :

              Exam is pretty challenging that’s fair. But my concern is exam is too “lengthy”. Even if it’s a multiple choice question setup, most of the questions are too much descriptive. We need to answer 70 questions in 120 minutes. It means less than 2 minutes per question. There are very few questions (around 10%) which are sort of crisp and concise.   My concern was I couldn’t answer all 70 questions in 120 minutes. I just answered 67 out of 70.  After exam I felt relieved with lot of dissatisfaction J



              I hope Qlik employees can address this concern and work towards simplification of the examination.


              Please note that – I am not commenting on the difficulty level OR pattern of the exam!



              Jayant Tibhe