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    QVF file

    sindhu ja

      I have created three applications in qlik sense-qvf file.which are work ordr analysis,production and cycle time...now i want to merge this three into one file..how??

      can anyone help me.

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          Robert Hutchings



          You can't join three separate Apps (I beleive). You would have to load the tables / QVD's again into one combined App and join the fields as appropriate and set up new sheets / charts etc.


          Hopefully before too much longer it will be possible to combine various charts from various Apps on one storyboard.

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            vj kri

            For each QVF, You have to create a single QVD or list of QVD and load them into the final app.

            For the front end, you can copy past the Charts or Sheets.

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              Alexander Radtke

              You can work with mashups ...

              there it is possible to open different apps at the same time.


              Otherwise you had to copy the scripts to one app