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    How can I plot test data for a single or more tests done multiple times?


      If some can help me it will be great....Thanks...

      I am trying to plot a very simple set of test data for a given manufacturing order. The tests are for pressure, temperature and other parameters that are done many times - over during the order is manufactured. Data looks like this

      MOrder Number Presure Temp

      1234 35 180

      1234 35 181

      1234 36 180

      .... etc....

      the x-axis, I would like it to be a sequential number 1,2,3 the number of tests performed and the y-axis the values of temp and pressure with the temp label on one side (say left) and the temp on the other side (right side).

      A single and only one MOrder Number will be always required to be selected to show the ploting of the data.