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    Is it possible to apply condition on the dimension within the expression?

    Divya Anand



      I am using the below expression in a bar chart where the dimension is BMonth, nothing but month(BDate).


      Count({<BType={'Scheduled','Completed'},COMPLETED-= {'<$(=num(MonthStart(Max(BDate))))'}>
      BType={'Scheduled'}, SCHEDULED={'<$(=num(Max(BDate)+1)))'}>
      distinct CODE


      I am trying to write expression where :



      COMPLETED-= {'<$(=num(MonthStart(Max(BDate))))'} should consider all the CODEs which was completed in jan and after jan (on the bar "Jan") - completed in jan 2016, feb 2016, mar 2016....


      SCHEDULED={'<$(=num(Max(BDate)+1)))'}> should consider all the CODEs which was scheduled before jan (on the bar "Jan") - scheduled in dec 2015, nov 2015....


      Can someone please help me here? Kindly let me know incase more information is needed.


      Thank you very much.