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    Qlik Sense Desktop - moved app, can't reload data



      I'm relatively new to Qlik Sense and have created an app in Qlik Sense Desktop. The app uses an ODBC connector to load data from a mySQL community edition database.


      I have shared the app with a colleague by copying the qvf file from "Apps" to the "Apps" folder in their installation.


      The app itself loads without any issues, but I have been unable to reload the data in Data Manager in their installation, even after re-creating the Windows ODBC connection on their desktop. If I open the connection in "Add Data" for the existing connection, database and owner drop downs are empty (almost as if the connection has not been correctly copied with the app qvf).


      Some questions:

      1. Is this expected behaviour?
      2. Is there another way to move apps so that data is accessible for reloads?
      3. Do I need to add the data again on their version of the app and delete the old dataset?
      4. Where does Qlik sense desktop store the cache of data?