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    Qlik Web Connector How To Configuring RemoteAccess and Proxy

    Jasper Kouw

      Hi Guys,


      Lets start by saying Happy New Year.


      I'm currently installing and configuring the Qlik Web Connector on a Test environment trying to access Google BigQuery data. The server is behind a proxy, so I've configured our proxy settings in the deploy.config file. Until this point is all works fine. Now we want to set up remote access to allow our developers to make script in the interface of the web connector. In the deploy.config file I set <AllowRemoteAccess>true</AllowRemoteAccess> and I set <Type>FormsAuthentication</Type>. When I run QlikWebConnectors.exe it opens with an error. the strange thing is though that the connector is working and is accessible. The problem is that when I try to start it as a windows service it starts and immediately stops due to the error.


      Has anyone experience with this problem? attached I've got the deploy.config and the Startup.log.