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    Displaying Column Names as Text Instead of Numbers


      So there could be an easy way to do this, I assumed the text() function could handle it, but when I looked it up on help, it said that the result would come out as " - ".

      Anyway, I have a table with 10 rows and say 50 columns. I'm trying to group the columns in 4 categories by size and graph those 4 categories. For example, Each column is a year and I would like to group years <10, 11-15, 16-24, and 24+. Then graph the resulting 4 categories as a stacked bar graph for each row (which also happen to be years).

      Here is a picture of my data and dimension formula ungrouped:


      error loading image

      I'm using the left() function because the maturityDt field is in yyyymmdd format. So as you can see I'd like to group these years in four categories; since it will make it look cleaner than having about 50 years. Here is a screen shot of what I have grouped:

      error loading image

      So as you can see, the 1 column is anything that's 25 years + and the 0 column is everything else. I will probably do an imbedded if() statement that will take care of the 0 column but as far as the 1 column: I would like to know how to display that 1 as text and says ">25 Years" instead of 1, thanks.