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    Problem connecting to Engine API through Python or HTML

    Christos Karras



      Today i upgraded Qlik Sense desktop to the latest edition (3.1.4) after having my existing one expired. We have developed a series of internal tools based on Python that we need to test them as a POC against desktop edition, before we move them to Qlik Sense. We haven't test them against server though.


      It is impossible to connect to Engine API through python and/or raw HTML code after the upgrade. Unfortunately i can't revert to the previous version.


      A small sample that used to work is like that


      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CODE START>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      from websocket import create_connection

      import json


                          'jsonrpc': '2.0',

                          'id': 0,

                          'method': 'OpenDoc',

                          'handle': -1,

                          'params': ['test.qvf']




                       separators=(',', ': '))



      ws = create_connection("ws://localhost:4848")

      print("Sending req...")




      result =  ws.recv()

      print("Received '%s'" % result)


      print("press enter")

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<CODE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


      The exception is like that



      This same exception is raised also when i try to connect through HTML's websockets.


      The code is tested in the corporate PC as well in my private one, just to confirm that a possible network issue stops the connection.


      Thank you for your help

      Chris K.