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    First 4 characters of some CSVs not being read

      I've come back to Qlikview after a couple months away, hoping to get a few things done. Before I left, I had my load script working just fine. Now, I've got a weird problem: when I try to read some CSVs that live on a network share, QV does not read the first 4 characters.


      The attached screenshot shows the csv, open in Excel, and what I see when I try to load the table with the File Wizard. Changing the delimiter to "Comma" fixes the delimitation problems, but doesn't make the first 4 characters of the file appear. Changing Quoting to "none" (which is how the file is written) doesn't help either, nor does changing the Character Set.


      I'm getting a similar error when I try to read several other CSVs, many of which I haven't edited since 2013. Any guesses as to what's going on here?


      If I move the file to my computer's desktop, it's read just fine.