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    How do I genereate one QVD file per day to export data?

    Jenny Wahlén


      I have a question, the reload time to export data from a table that I have taken over 16  hours now and I need to speed it up. In QV it was possible to generate 1 QVD file per day to export data and then load the data from those files.


      Is this possible in QS and if so, how do I write the code to acheive the generation with transactions for one day?

      Also when loading data to build charts, how can I create one table with data from all the generated files? (how do I write the script for that)


      This is the script I have to export the data today (I have just renamed customer details for databases and login accounts):

      LIB CONNECT TO 'NAV 2009 (qlik_reader) (customeraccount_admin)';


      SQL SELECT *
      FROM "CustomerDB_2009_Test".dbo."Company$SalesLineHistory";

      Store SalesLineHist into 'Lib://NAV Data (customeraccount_admin)/SalesLineHist.qvd' (qvd);

      Drop table SalesLineHist;