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    How To Remove Pre-Selected Dimension from Qlik Sense

    Feras Alsuhaibani

      Hello everyone!


      So we have this app which was developed using Qlik Sense Desktop, and it was imported to Qlik Sense Server. Now, when the application was developed it was saved with selected dimensions so when imported to Qlik Sense Server every time the application is accessed it loads the application with that selection. So how can I remove this selection so that when the application is accessed it loads the full data without any selection.




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          Vegar Lie Arntsen

          I ran into the same problem a while back. I solved it with something like this.

          1. Open the app and clear all your selections
          2. Edit the app (do a minor chage) and press save.
          3. Open the script editor in an new tab/window, (Do not close the previous window.)
          4. Reload the script.
          5. Save the save the app in the script editor window.
          6. Restart the browser.


          This was the solution in  Qlik Sense 2.x. Qlik may have changed its behavior since then, but please give it a try.



          Vegar Lie Arntsen


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