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    Not able to open qlik sense application on iPad using safari browser

    Vikraant Koushika Pai

      Hi ,


      I am able to access qlik sense application from windows and android from chrome and IE.

      I am able to provide credential and able to see all application on hub by using iPad safari browser but I am not able to open qlik sense application.

      I am not getting any error, it is showing opening application ( Bubbles) for a long time. Please find the attached screenshot for the opening screen.


      I am also able to open qlik sense application demo Qlik Demos: See Qlik Sense in Action | Sense-Demo.Qlik.Com

      from same iPad and safari browser.


      Same happens when I try to open it from Iphone5 and safari browser . I have latest version of iPad and Safari Browser.


      I have also white-listed the server IP and DNS IP from  QMC and tried enabling HTTP too.


      Please help ! It is urgent!

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          Aaron Harper

          I have the same issue. I believe the authentication fails as it opens a new window.


          Did you find a solution?

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              Vikraant Koushika Pai

              Hi Aaron,


              The issue was that appropriate certificate was not installed on the server on which qlik sense was installed . Due to this it was not accessible from the Apple Devices. After installing certificate it was

              Buy certificate from certificate issuing authority(eg : GoDaddy )  and  install it on the server. After installing the certificate on the server, add the Thumbprint of the certificate from QMC. This will resolve the issue.

              Refer the pdf for generating the certificate.

              After generating the certificate follow these steps :


              1. Generated Private Key and CSR  files and uploaded them.
              2. Requested Server certificate and Chain certificates with Certificate Issuing Authority.
              3. Once we receive the Server Certificate and Chained Certificates.
              4. Create Keystore by bundling the Private key , Server Certificate and Chain Certificates.
              5. Import the Keystore in Sense Server OS using MMC
              6. QlikClient    Certificates - Current User>Personal>Certificates
              7. <full computer name>-CA    Certificates - Current User>Trusted Root Certification Authorities>Certificates<full computer name>-CA    Certificates (Local Computer)>Trusted Root Certification Authorities>Certificates<computer name>    Certificates (Local Computer)>Personal>Certificates
              8. Open QMC and put the thumbprint value in Proxy thumbprint location
              9. Restart the services.
              10. Note that domain name of the server is white listed in Virtual Proxy setting.


              Hope this is helpful!


              Best Regards,