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    Variable in Front end

    Aniruddhya Dutta

      Hi all,

      I am capturing a date variable from the front end and using it in an expression.That means the user is entering the date manually and based on that selection the expression is making the calculation.The default date is the max date



      count({$<Dates_IP= {'$(vDATE)'}>}CORE_ID_IP)


      but I want to get the expression working for the last 7th day i.e vDATE-7 but not able to make the expression working.


      Dates_IP is a date field whose format is like 2017-Jan-04


      the vDATE definition in script :


      LOAD max(Dates_IP) as LASTDT


      LET vDATE = Date(Peek('LASTDT',0,'LASTDT'));



      can some one please help me?