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    Count IDs between two Dates

    Anna Stockhausen

      Hello Everyone,


      I am quite new at Qlik Sense and I am very struggling with the following Problem:


      I want to a create HR KPI and count the number of active employees on a each day back in the past.







      Therefore I get a ID ([NO_]) and the entrydate ([Eintritt]) and the leaving date ([TDATE]) of each employee from SQL.

      If the employee is still active the [TDATE] is tomorrow.


      I also tried the following instructions (Counting "active" records between two dates) and it worked out perfectly fine. But I could not handle to change the years into dates.


      I am very gratefull if there is someone who can help me solve this !!


      If you need more Information lease let me know.

      I will upload the Script where it already works with years,