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    Force Data Reduction after binary reload based on Section Access

    Marc Algera

      I have a question,


      is it possible to force a data reduction after a binary reload based on section access?

      I do a binary load of a QlikView model. After the binary load I implement Section Access based on a specific field in the data model.


      What I need to do is to save all tables in the data model based with Section Access applied. I need to only have data for specific customers. But the problem is that Section Access only will be applied after opening the document again. So no Section Access is applied when you do a reload, after the reload all data is available.


      Saving the document and open it again is when Section Access is applied but I need it to be applied right after the binary load and the Section Access Implementation and before saving of the document.


      Could someone please help me in letting me know if it is possible at all and when it is possible how to achieve this.