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    How an user is flagged as Inactive in Qlik Sense QMC?

    Hugo Andrade

      Hello Community!


      There is a SERVICE account running the Qlik Sense services in an installation. It's trully a SERVICE account and not a USER account running services.


      After stating this, there's no major configuration setting on the environment.

      • The User Directory Connector is synchronizing all accounts (no filters).
      • The account is NOT marked as BLOCKED

      The system runs version 3.0.4.

      We did check on AD is account is fine. Not inactive at all.


      Does anyone know in detail how the Inactive column in the Users section is made of? I would like to know if Qlik Sense is looking at the LastLoginTimestamp flag or whatever other location holds this information.

      This will help us troubleshoot why the Service account is being flagged as Inactive even though it's an ACTIVE account.


      Thank you all in advance.