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    On Demand syntax error ?

    Helen Betty

      HI all,


      I am getting the following error in Ondemand nprinting.


      When I am clicking on the Run report , i am getting the following syntax error.

      kindly find the attached screen shot & help me to resolve ?





        • Re: On Demand syntax error ?
          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Helen,


          Two possible reasons that I can remember:


          1. You are using an unsupported QlikView version like 11.0.x. Or


          2. If you are using NPrinting version 16.0 IR or SR1 this is a known issue that was fixed in SR2. From the SR2 Release Notes: A “Syntax Error” appeared when an On-Demand report was requested and no selections were applied in the QVW. This issue has been resolved, but to correct this problem, you must re-create your On-Demand objects after installing the new version of the components.


          HTH - Daniel.