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    how to categorize the values names of a field?

    Agrim Sharma

      eg. Column name is 'HardwareType' and values are 'screen', 'mouse', 'keyboard', 'laptop', 'printer'. i want to set a filter in dashboard called 'desktop' and 'laptops'. eg. desktop=keyboard, mouse, screen & laptop as laptop & printer as printer.


      i want to make a group filter called desktop that calls total count of(keyboard,screen and mouse)

      i need a group filter, or can you suggest me something that can exclude some values to come in dashboard filter?




      i have these values in field name 'Type' and i don't want all of them to be listed here in filter.

      i want to group them in a 'category'(that i mentioned in question) and then i want that names to be listed in a filter in dashboard. please help